About Us

H:CE footwear - LUXURY FOR PEOPLE is the result of over half a century of experience by the Calvani family, who produce their handmade shoes with great skill and creativity. Completely manufactured using traditional artisanal techniques handed down from father to son, H:CE shoes are exclusively made of natural leather, inspected carefully by experts in the field..

The Creative srl produce their shoes using natural leather and fur, imported directly from the indigenous population, as permitted by the European Commission Regulation 1007/2009 (certified by INUIT SEALSKIN GREENLAND). 

In H:CE footwear - LUXURY FOR PEOPLE, the style and quality represented by 'Made in Italy' are blended with the latest technology gained from years of research. This scientific innovation yielded an all-natural rubber sole with retractable hooks that serve as mini harpoons, allowing the wearer to walk safely on icy and snowy surfaces. H:CE shoes combine the highest level of design with quality craftsmanship, and luxurious comfort with technical functionality.